Softcover Book

Story: Jazmín Chi (Mexico)

Illustrations: Memo Román (Venezuela)

Voices: Shmeimi (United States) and Jazmín Chi (Mexico)

Music: Tomorrow's Sound Productions (Venezuela)

The little girl has broken a valuable vase and doubts whether to tell Mom the truth or not, she knows that she may receive a scolding ... She accompanies the author of this story who tells it with original music, who knows what it ends up in. How will the little girl react? Will he tell mom the truth? What do you think we should do in these situations? What would you do? This story teaches us the importance of always being honest and telling the truth.

Skills to develop and benefits:

  • Values
  • Reading speed
  • Exercise memory
  • Learning new words
  • Language skills development
  • Brain exercise
  • Strengthening the ability to concentrate and attention
  • Promoting curiosity
  • Comprehensive and machine reading practice
  • Understand real life
  • Chill out
  • Overcome your fears and seek solutions
  • Intellectual development
  • Amplitude in the capacity of perception and understanding
  • Creation of positive habits

If the stories are read in the company of parents:

  • Improves emotional ties
  • Give security to the little one about their identity in the family
  • Provides confidence in the little one
  • Create memories
  • Create positive habits in the family
  • Help parents and children understand each other
  • Allow parents to spend quality time with their children
  • Respect for authority

If you listen to the audiobook:

  • Teaches how to follow directions / instructions
  • Learn to keep a rhythm
  • Auditory agility
  • Creative development
  • Musical development
  • Encourage imagination
  • Relax
  • Create positive patterns by repeating sounds
  • Improve memory


  • 1- 12

The vase

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