Illustrations: Maritzel C. (Mexico)

Learn the names of animals with LevGrow! Coloring pages with names in Spanish and English, contains more than 0 drawings.

Skills to develop and benefits:

  • Learning new words
  • Strengthening of motor capacity
  • Brain exercise
  • Strengthening the ability to concentrate and attention
  • Promoting curiosity
  • Chill out
  • Learning a new language

If the pictures are used to tell stories and / or spend family time in the company of parents:

  • Improves emotional ties
  • Give security to the little one about their identity in the family
  • Provides confidence in the little one
  • Create memories
  • Create positive habits in the family
  • Help parents and children understand each other
  • Allow parents to spend quality time with their children
  • Respect for authority


  • 1- 9

Art at home

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