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At how old do classes start?

We have a wide variety of classes for children from 1 to 12 years old. For example, classes for babies from 1 year, such as EARLY STIMULATION in which they are accompanied by parents and others such as MY BODY, CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIPS AND MY SEXUALITY that are designed for pre-adolescents from 9 to 12 years old. Depending on the age of the student, there are the classes they can access. For more information you can contact us.

What are the benefits of your classes?

We have seen how our students have developed their creativity, curiosity about the world, they have expanded their midset, eradicated limiting beliefs, acquired mental agility, further theirdevelopment and presence, self-confidence, as well as they have formed a stronger bond with their parents/guardians, we have seen how they begin to see the world with different eyes, with a broader, international perspective and with much more empathy, understanding the real world life of their parents/guardians in matters such as finances, relationships, negotiations, among others. The various activities offered by the school give the opportunity to stay entertained while learning and having fun, which helps to stay away from bad habits, as well as being extremely important tools for the future in real life.

What is the difference to other schools
of extracurricular activities?

Our methodology and international vision. We firmly believe that every child is different and learning should be personalized rather than standardized. That is why with the wide variety of classes we have, our students can discover their interests and talents, as well as the areas in which they have the greatest potential for the future. Each child can be him/herself and we are dedicated to help them in their self-discovery. If we see that someone has a special talent in a certain area, we support them to develop it and take it to bigger realms, we help them to remove paradigms, think positive and realize that their lives can change and improve, having a bright future if they they decide so. Many of our students, after taking classes with us, have told us that their vision has expanded, and we love that! Because they start to think globally. We encourage respect for all cultures and people, as well as the curiosity to live or experience life beyond their borders.

If my child has a developmental problem,
will the classes work for him/her?

We have seen how our classes have helped children with attention, speech and motor problems. However, we always advise that you visit a specialist in these topics for a more focused follow-up. We only support through the school's own activities.

How was your methodology created?

When our founder Jazmín Chi lived in France, she realized a big gap between French children and Latin American children, with a significant difference both in language and in their personal development. Being the French children most outgoing, open to a multicultural world and full of opportunities, contrary to the children of Latin America where they were reluctant to study and with a conformist mentality that translates into fewer opportunities in the future. Contrasting these two aspects, she set her mind to find the why? And how can we change it? And so it was that she embarked on a pedagogical research trip in Russia where she completed a master's degree in Education with a concentration in Cultural Diversity and developed her LevGrow educational model, which she undertook to research and development and put it into practice in Russia, China and Mexico, to later improved it while pursuing her second master's degree in Education at Harvard University, based on various theories. What she discovered was something very logical, however something that is almost NOT USED in the whole world: Personalize education. Observing from a young age the affinity of children towards various activities and channeling them in that aspect from a young age to promote their strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses. Being us adults, the guides and they children the ones who build their life. The difference was also found in the few options that are shown to children, obsolete tools, which left out the new technologies of the XXI century, among other things, contrary to other countries where the options were broader. Thus, together with her team of international experts, she developed classes and educational materials with a cosmopolitan touch that converge various points of the most efficient educational systems in the world, as well as a personalized approach to develop the skills of each student according to the "dreams" or goals they have in life. After years of development and implementation with excellent results, she found that all students have fun, learn and want to attend classes, their self-esteem increased and they find a purpose in their life. Thus, under these international standards and premises, the LevGrow method was born.

Do you create your own educational materials?

Yes. We have a team made up of illustrators, musical producers, pedagogues, teachers, psychologists, nutritionists, writers, parents and also children, from 13 countries on 3 continents. This ensures us to be faithful to our international vision, as well as respecting cultures and being diverse and inclusive in all our educational materials.

Can I buy your educational materials
and use them at home?

Yes. Although this does not replace the personal experience children have at the school, given current circumstances in the world, and knowing the benefits that technology brings, we now offer our materials digitally, which can be downloaded from our website and used at home.

Do you have more questions?

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