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At LevGrow we build GLOBAL LEADERS. We know that a Leader is the one who impacts his surroundings.


We believe that children have the potential and ability to create projects that benefit their communities where they can show the leadership they develop as they grow older. That is why we created the LEVGROW PROJECT INCUBATOR.


If you are a child and have an idea, you can come to us to guide you to make it a reality. We have tools, knowledge, alliances and support that you can receive to demonstrate your leadership in actions that benefit your community.


This program is open to students enrolled in any of our 12 classes and who have already passed the PERSONAL and LOCAL LEADERSHIP levels according to our LEVGROW METHOD.


Check out some of our success stories below and JOIN THE GLOBAL LEADERS! You can be the next here!

PLANANI is a foundation that is dedicated to promoting actions of awareness and care for the environment, with a special focus on animals in danger of extinction.

Shmeimi C., one day came to us and told us that she wanted to start actions to support animals, especially those endangered species. She told us how when she lived in China, she met the 小龍 Xiǎolóng which means “Little Dragons” which are the Ajolotes (Ambystoma Mexicanum) which are of Mexican origin and are in danger of extinction due to illegal hunting and commercialization and unscientific beliefs that promote hunting.

With that first idea, at LEVGROW PROJECT INCUBATOR, we guided her to:

  • Find a name.

  • Create the logo and brand image.

  • Create the slogan.

  • Create and design the website. (www.planani.org)

  • Get alliances with spaces and companies where she can carry out the activities of her project.

  • Learn about personal branding.

  • Among other support to create her foundation.


Shmeimi C., is now preparing the first events for her foundation, which will serve so much in the community in which it is located.