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Jazmin Chi www.jazminchi.com (pronounced as has-mEEn shEE) began to be interested in education when her little daughter began to ask her questions about real life, and when she saw that the schooling (not to be confused with education) she received from the schools only taught her memorization to pass standardized tests, with information that could be easily searched on the internet and realizing the educational limitations she faced, she decided to put all her experience having been a teacher in countries like Russia, China and visited many cultures on all the continents of the planet, to develop an educational method that would promote the individuality of the students and help them to find their purpose, passion and talents in order to develop, polish them and thereby enter real life.


Jazmín Chi

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After many studies, research and interviews with adults from many countries, asking what they would have liked to have learned in school that they see that they are sorely lacking now in their working age; the vast majority agreed on the same thing: personal finances, interpersonal relationships, public speaking, self-love, knowing and channeling emotions, understanding other cultures, self-confidence, among many other skills taught at LevGrow. This is how, with all this, LevGrow School for Global Leaders began, to later expand to create LevGrow Education where they create all the  educational materials used in the franchises.


Jazmin Chi is committed through educational, artistic and philanthropic endeavors to spread love and knowledge around the world. She has traveled all continents, teaching and advising through lectures, book presentations, volunteering, and philanthropic donations in more than forty countries, to national chambers of commerce, business people and their corporations, parents, civil society organizations, universities, and the general public.

She has been considered one of the "120 Most Innovative Women in the World" for the Positive Impact she has made in the world, along with women such as Michelle Obama, Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, among other women leaders in their areas, by the Athena40 Organization, London, England; TIAW Ambassador by the International Alliance of Women, USA; Outstanding Young Woman from the State of Tamaulipas; Scholar of Change by Walden University, USA; Business Woman by the IDB Network, The Netherlands; Global Networker by Business Seva Partners Worldwide, India; Mexican Woman of Worth, by the National Television Company Televisa; Outstanding Writer by La Fábrika Magazine, Guatemala; Super Mamá by bbmundo Magazine; Young Woman with Talent, by the newspaper La Razón; Success story by the UVM National Magazine, among other mentions. For the most part, her career has been sponsored by international scholarships and awards that she has won.

Jazmín is tetraglot. Jazmín holds two master degrees, one in Technology, Innovation and Education from Harvard University in the United States, and another in Education with a concentration in Cultural Diversity from the Far Eastern Federal University in Russia, and a double bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Walden University in the United States and the Universidad del Valle de México in Mexico. She also has executive diplomas in: Finance, Human Resources, Basic and Advanced Administration, and in Business Image from the College of Consultants in Public Image of Mexico.

In addition to being the founder of LevGrow School for Global Leaders and LevGrow Education Publishing, for whom she wrote and published 18 children's books, she also founded NivetLS www.nivetls.com , a language school that offers 1: 1 online classes in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian and German. Both schools, with their social programs, have personally supported in Mexico, Colombia, Japan, Morocco and Taiwan.

She specializes in: leadership, personal and business development, life transformation, resilience, family ties and education. She has been invited as a lecturer, columnist and writer at numerous international events and media.

She published the collection of poems: "A Jasmine around the world" on a world cruise where she visited 20 countries on 5 continents. Translated into English, Chinese and Japanese. She makes video clips where she performs her poetry. She is an editorial, commercial and catwalk model.

All of this made Jazmín a woman aware of the scope of education for personal transformation and how it can help to change societies, as well as she is firmly committed through her educational, artistic and philanthropic endeavors to keep spreading love and knowledge around the world.


She is pro education (not to be confused with schooling) and pro peace.

Her vast experience working with children, youth and adults as well as having survived the experiences she lived, have made her understand and have a perspective on life, which has helped her connect heart to heart with the people she serves and help them to find their voice, love themselves, broaden their vision, get out of their circumstances and improve their lives, faithfully following that life mission that she has encompassed in a single phrase: Spreading love and knowledge around the world.