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At LevGrow you will find classes on:


Do you have an artist at home? In order for them to develop all their creativity, in this LevGrow School for Global Leaders class we provide you with materials from many countries and guide them to do a project in each session, where they will learn new art techniques, as well as the development of different skills. The course will end with an exhibition of art works where the parents/guardians are invited, friends are also welcome. Children will show and explain, what they have learned in class. Real artists displaying their works of art!

Do you have someone with a curious spirit at home? For them, at LevGrow School for Global Leaders, we have the Science class where we do experiments and discover their reactions, thus learning from our daily lives. Our little scientists use materials that are supervised by a trained teacher and will end the course with a science fair where each little scientist will present their experiments to family and friends. Develop their future capacity and potential!


At LevGrow School for Global Leaders we prepare your children to lead the future. Today everything is technology, in 10 years, they can be those who are developing new technologies for this digital and changing world. Given the growing technological demand that exists today, it is necessary that our children can understand not only the use of computers but also the artificial and technological intelligence that exists. We teach with drones, virtual reality, we make robots and items that develop that engineer inside them. At the end of the course, your children will present the projects at a Technology Fair where they will show what they have learned and developed during the course. Help them stay one step ahead!


At LevGrow School for Global Leaders, we want your children to be adults who can communicate their emotions, feelings, desires, limits and beliefs assertively, with a high level of Emotional Intelligence. And because we know the importance of managing and knowing how to channel all this, to avoid stagnating situations that later manifest in adulthood; in this class they will learn to understand themselves, the importance of introspection, self-love and respect for our self, from how we talk to how we treat each other, as well as the ways in which this influences our surroundings and our interpersonal relationships. At the end of the course, you will see your children expressing what they have learned, freely, paying attention to what they discovered about themselves, in an environment of trust, love and respect.

At LevGrow School for Global Leaders we know that good habits are taught from childhood. This is how we took on the task of teaching your children the importance of knowing and understanding what money is, how it is handled, what can be done with it, what is good debt, bad debt, how credits are handled, what is to invest in the stock market, how to save, when it is convenient to save and when not, what is inflation, deflation, what are taxes, how are they paid depending on the cash-flow quadrant in which they are, how can they start a company, and for those who wish it, we also have the business incubator area, which is a whole course that will give your children a solid foundation to start their life without financial problems. Help them enter the real world prepared to manage their finances wisely.

Everyone, at some point in our lives, must speak in public. Whether to give a presentation at school, a job proposal or interview or even a speech. That is why at LevGrow School for Global Leaders, we teach your children, the future Global Leaders, the best way to use and manage their body, voice, clothing, tones, visual aids, how to get rid of shame, among many other necessary factors to have an excellent presentation in front of many. At the end of the course, your children will give a speech in front of all the attendees. Do you want to support them with tools to excel and facilitate their future?


When working in an international environment and now more with the connection that technology allows us to have with other cultures, it is necessary to know that the world is much larger and more diverse than what we see every day. What can be considered acceptable here, on the other side of the world, may be unacceptable, and who can teach us this awareness? That is why at LevGrow School for Global Leaders, we teach those differences, so that students are prepared when they have international acquintances and they will know how to speak, eat, behave and feel comfortable with anyone in the world. Do you want your children to have more opportunities and maintain excellent international relationships?


In the first years of your baby's life, it is very important to begin to form their identity and make them feel that they are loved and that they belongs to your family as well as help them develop motor skills. This will help prevent emotional childhood wounds that many adults still carry today. That is why in this class at LevGrow School for Global Leaders, parents or guardians enter with their babies and follow the instructions of the teachers, who will guide everyone through games, motor exercises, songs and various sounds and other materials for the babies to fully develop their senses as well as improving their motor skills, while infusing them with that feeling of love, belonging and pride of being part of your family. Would you like to form a stronger bond with your baby and develop their identity?


Given the international focus that we handle at LevGrow School for Global Leaders, and understanding the beauty of cultural diversity, we teach your children to discover diverse cultures from different parts of the world. In this class they not only learn about geography and the name of the country, but also its characteristic features as well as the traditions, music, cuisine and important events that happened there. At the end of the course, a tourist guide is born! And will take all the attendees on a virtual trip around the world explaining what they learned in class. Thus, their minds will expand to be able to know new cultures in the future, based on respect and understanding. Would you like your children to discover the world?


Class available for pre-teens ages 9-12.


At LevGrow School for Global Leaders we believe that it is very important to teach since childhood, the importance of knowing our body, the sensations it can have, and consciously preparing ourselves for what comes in adolescence. When we consciously understand the situations that may arise in our lives, we empower ourselves by learning to say NO, and thus avoiding violence and injustice against us. An informed person is an empowered person. At LevGrow School for Global Leaders we teach the importance of self-love, respect for the opposite sex, conscious relationships, and ways to prevent sexual violence. Would you like to see your children being respectful to themselves and the opposite sex and learning to say NO when they want to? At LevGrow School for Global Leaders we teach you how.


At LevGrow School for Global Leaders we understand the importance of teaching our children the foundations of good nutrition to have a healthy body, prevent diseases and the methods to release the stress that affects many children today. In this class your children will learn the best foods and drinks that allow them to form those healthy habits, they will fully understand what calories are, what are they for, the differences between the components of a meal such as carbohydrates, proteins, healthy and unhealthy fats, what gives us energy and how to take care of our body, understanding that each of us is unique. They will form their own criterion in food intake. With this we prevent eating problems and distortion of the body image. Would you like your children to learn to take healthy decisions?


Do you have a chef at home? We all love tasty food. And it is very likely that you have a favorite dish. In this LevGrow School for Global Leaders class, we allow children to develop their creative genius through food. Each class we will make a dish from a country, from which they will learn the recipe, name, history, how it is served and why it was created, as well as in each class they will discover a different world from the one they live through food. Ending the course with a food tasting event where they will invite family and friends and explain what they have learned. Develop the chef your children have within!